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We are benchmarking the data and insights needed to answer the questions every B2B marketer, CXO, VC and board member is asking:


  1. How are the leading account-based programs doing it?

  2. How do we launch an account-based program that *actually* drives revenue?

  3. How does our program stack up against the industry leaders and what should we do to improve?

Giving you the Data to Execute with Confidence

ForgeX's Benchmark Database:

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ABM Benchmark Audits
Conducting in-depth reviews into all aspects of individual organizations Account-Based GTM motions.
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Wide-Scale Survey Data
Collecting benchmark data at scale, providing a macroscopic view of trends and enabling detailed, strategic analysis.
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Invite-Only Focus Groups
Meeting with account-based leaders to uncover their insights in great depth.
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Comprehensive Dataset

Confidently define the benchmark of an effective Account-Based GTM approach with our extensive and detailed datasets.

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Peer vs. Peer Ranking

Leverage our proprietary research and benchmark data to uncover how your organization measures up against industry standard.

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Standardization of Excellence

Our goal extends beyond benchmarking; we aim to establish industry standards in terminology and best practices, backed by our leading dataset.

Appy to A.B.S.

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