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Executive Council

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Shaping the future of account-based GTM.


Program Overview

Our Executive Council serves as a distinguished group of account-based marketing (ABM) leaders and innovators. This initiative is pivotal in our effort to refine and evolve the practices of account-based go-to-market (GTM) strategies. Our Council Members are vital to this mission, driving our research and playing a key role in the development of ABM practices.

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Perks for Members

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​1. Strategic Influence: Your insights will guide the direction of our research and content, ensuring it resonates with industry trends and needs.

2. Elevate Your Personal Brand: It will be our strategic imperative to elevate your personal and professional brand from day one. You will be prioritized for all content features, podcast episodes, virtual and live events, etc. 

3. Shape the Future of ABM: Leave your mark and input on our proprietary ABM frameworks and models—your expertise helps shape the future of the industry.

4. First to Know: Gain exclusive access to all research and reports before they are published.

5. Private Community Access: Engage with fellow Council Members within a private Slack space and at exclusive, member-only events.

6. Creative Services: If you have a speaking engagement, we will provide our dedicated creative team to help enhance your presentation (with attribution to ForgeX).

7. Referral Program: Coming soon!


Member Commitments

  • Monthly Syncs: One hour each month to sync as a council.

  • Quarterly Deep Dive: In-depth session with a ForgeX analyst to uncover insights from your existing ABM program.

  • Social Media Advocacy: Share timely ForgeX updates, research and innovation through your channels.

  • Community Engagement: At a minimum, quarterly contribution and engagement in our community’s designated Slack channel. Being a fly on the wall isn’t our style. We want to ensure connection, learning and thought leadership.

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Join the Team!

Please reach out directly to to confirm. Membership is invite-only.

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