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Research Report & Corresponding Directory

The 2024 Landscape of B2B Agencies with
Capabilities to Support ABM

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Group 531204.png
the Global ABM Agency Landscape
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each Agency's Unique Strengths
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your Agency with Confidence

This report serves as an in-depth guide for ABM practitioners to reference when selecting an agency. It evaluates the state of B2B agencies in the context of ABM, offers strategy guidance, and presents a comprehensive landscape of B2B agencies with niche capabilities to support ABM.

It then provides guidance for how to select the best-fit agency partner(s) to meet the unique needs of an organization. Finally, it identifies key categories of B2B agencies that operate in the ABM space, providing a framework for the reader to build their own shortlist of agencies to consider working with around a subset of unique parameters. It also links to a directory featuring a comprehensive list of over 60 carefully screened agencies deemed to have adequate capabilities to support ABM.

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